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        Tenant Representation

  • Expert knowledge of Trade Areas

  • Comprehensive knowledge of market retail availabilities,

        current retail development projects, as well as retail                    development projects “in the pipeline”

  • Area Analysis and Site Selection

  • Complete Service approach in Research including Aerials,

        Demographics and Mapping,Rental and Sales              


  • Individualized Site Tours

  • Negotiations of Letter of Intent for Lease and Sale


       Buyer Representation


  • Investment Buying Advisory

  • Market Analysis and Guidance

  • Providing all necessary property information

  • Identifying the best properties to fit the buyer’s needs and goals

  • Assistance in writing, presenting and negotiating of Letter of Intent

  • Assistance with Due Diligence Tasks and contract negotiating

        Landlord Representation


  • Discussing Landlord’s long term goals

  • Knowledge of Comparables 

  • Review and Analysis of Financials and Current Tenant Mix

  • Evaluating Property Needs And Properties’ Physical


  • Researching And Analyzing Local and Regional Trade Areas

  • Evaluating Tenants to best fit The property as well their

       ability to serve and cater to the Immediate Local Market

  • Creating a Strategy With the Goal To Achieve a  Long Term Leasing Plan

  • Negotiations of Letter of Intent for Lease

  • Qualifying Tenants

       Seller Representation 


  • Expertise in underwriting specific asset in order to achieve the highest and best use and value.

  • Property operations Analysis and Consulting

  • Providing Market knowledge and local analysis

  • Portfolio Strategy by property Type

  • Widespread Marketing of the property unless desired to be confidential

  •  Individual Property Tours escorted by our real estate professionals

  • Assistance in Negotiating counter offers as well as the sales contract

  • 1031 Exchange Advisory and Strategy



 Research & Analysis


  • Developing customized territory plans

  • Underwriting and evaluating assets based on highest and best use

  • Providing Local Demographic and Market studies based on Specific client’s Requirements

  • Comparative market analyses including Cap Rate Analysis and Comparable Price per Square Foot Analysis

  • Providing analysis capabilities to help maximize property performance

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